• More than 270 stores and 155 cafés
    are now selling Fair Trade products
    across the city.
    We are the largest FT city in North America

    Toronto is a Fair Trade City
  • Welcomes 4000 incoming students with
    fairtrade, organic t-shirts

    York University's LA&PS faculty
  • Discover the 2016 Summer/Fall edition of the Fair Trade
    Magazine. News and updates from the Fairtrade community
    around the world. Read it online or order your copies.

    New Fair Trade Magazine
  • Join other universities and colleges
    across the country who are stepping up
    for fair trade. We'll teach you how.

    Bring Fair Trade to your campus
  • Are you a restaurant professional?
    Contribute to our Coffee Map

    Radical Coffee Mapping

Who we are

Fair Trade Toronto is a not-for profit, volunteer based organization.
We are dedicated to:

  • Promote the availability and awareness of Fair Trade products in Toronto.
  • Support and encouraging businesses that sell Fair Trade Goods in Toronto.
  • Assist campuses and other cities receive a Fair Trade designation.

Film of the Month!

Big Boys go Bananas!
Swedish documentary film maker experience intense harassment after filming Bananas! A recount of a lawsuit that 12 Nicaraguan plantation workers successfully brought against the fruit giant Dole Food Company
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100% Business of the Month

Planet Bean
Planet Bean is a worker cooperative in Guelph, Ontario. They sell 100% Fairtrade and Organic coffee from their coffee bars in Guelph and on the University of Guelph campus. Some stores in Toronto that you can find Planet Bean Coffee at:
The Big Carrot - Danforth
Fiesta Farms
West End Food Co-op
Check Them Out!