Fair Trade Town

Toronto Fair Trade Town Program

Toronto became a Fair Trade town in 2013.

Achieving Fair Trade Town status sends a message to Canadians and the rest of the world that Toronto is committed to supporting the Fair Trade program that has produced measureable improvements in the quality of life of millions of individuals in the developing world.

The Fair Trade Town program was launched in the UK in 1999 to accelerate awareness of the growing consumer demand for Fair Trade products such as coffee, tea, chocolate, sugar, bananas, oranges, grapes, wine, spices as well as many others.

The purchase of Fair Trade products provides a minimum price to improve the quality of life of producers and in addition a social premium is paid to assist with investment in their businesses, education and health services. Fair Trade products must be produced in a democratic environment, without forced child labour, and without pesticides and herbicides proven detrimental to the environment. Fair Trade Certified products are now available at locations throughout the GTA, are competitively priced and are quickly identified by the logos on these pages.

There are six requirements for qualification as a Fair Trade Town. These requirements and their status are as follows.

  1. Local Authority Support: The City of Toronto agrees to qualify for and achieve Fair Trade Town status as per the requirements of Fair Trade Canada. In addition the City agrees to use Fair Trade coffee and tea in its meetings, and appoints a staff member to ensure commitment to the initiative.
  2. Availability of Fair Trade Products in Toronto: Qualification requires a minimum # of retail stores and restaurants supply and serve Fair Trade products. This # is prorated to population. The Toronto Fair Trade Group has initiated project to document the availability of Fair Trade products in the GTA. This list will be posted on this web site.
  3. Community Support: Community organizations, faith groups and schools use and promote Fair Trade products.
  4. Public Awareness and Media Coverage: Events, communication and media coverage are organized to promote Fair Trade awareness.
  5. Local Fair Trade Steering Group: A local steering committee is created to maintain commitment to Fair Trade promotion.
  6. Ethical and Sustainable Consumption: Other ethical and sustainable purchasing and consumption initiatives are promoted within the community.


Complete details of the Fair Trade Town Program and the qualification requirements can be found in the Fair Trade Towns Action Guide http://fairtrade.ca/en/get-involved/action-guide-materials

available at the Fair Trade Canada website www.fairtrade.ca.

Additional information about Fair Trade Towns can be found at: