Date:Feb 24, 2017


    • Concordians’ efforts in promoting fair trade dates back many years. In the 1980s and ‘90s QPIRG (Quebec Public Interest Research Group) at Concordia was active in consumer activism. Among the projects grew out of QPIRG, there is A SEED (now Équiterre). A SEED has played an important role in promoting fair trade in Quebec, thanks notable to A Just Coffee Campaign.
    • Concordia University’s main food service provider is Aramark, who, along with a variety of student run cafés, supports the fair trade movement by including many fair trade products in their every day offerings
    • Concordia Food Services (Aramark), through working with Equifruit, made the switch to offer 100% fair trade bananas in January 2017
    • A wide array of student groups are pushing for more sustainability and fairness in our campus food system
    • The Concordia Chapter of Engineers Without Borders have been involved in promoting fair trade, notably by holding kiosks on international coffee day
  • If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Isabelle Mailhot-Leduc, Concordia’s Sustainable Food System Coordinator (, or Vanessa D’Antico (, Aramark’s Health, Wellness & Sustainability Manager


    • Concordia is looking into possibilities of extending our current fair trade offerings on campus
    • It is now a tradition for the multiple fair trade stakeholders on campus to participate in the yearly held Fair Trade Campus week; last year, we received donations from Fairtrade Canada, gave out fair trade ice cream samples, held contests and information booths, and gave workshops on fair trade lip balm and kombucha!