York University

Date:Feb 16, 2017
  • York University is working on their Fairtrade designation.

    York does the majority of the Fairtrade Campaigning through the Green Campus Cooperative. The students and faculty wanted the school to source Fairtrade, Organic t-shirts at orientation – so they started their own cooperative! The faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies bought 4000 shirts to give out at their orientation and the book store now carries a line of Fairtrade, Organic York branded shirts.

  • Madison Hopper is the primary contact for Fairtrade related activities on campus at York, You can reach her at: maddy.hopper@gmail.com

    You can also join the Green Campus Cooperative Club by signing up on the YUconnect website

  • York is currently petitioning for Fairtrade Certified Gold in their class rings: