Fair Trade Toronto (FTT) is starting a new campaign! We’re engaging youth in our new Growing Change Project. This project is an interactive presentation aimed at high school students to explain the importance of fair trade. We take subjects such as international business, civics and careers, social studies and environmental studies and show how fair trade is directly linked to our everyday lives. Fair trade isn’t just a market system approach. It’s also a lifestyle, a potential career and a social responsibility in our globalized world.

FTT is working to see every school in and around Toronto become Fair Trade Designated! Our hope is that youth will challenge the business world to become more responsible and accountable. This is a movement that already has momentum, from businesses like Ben & Jerry’s that are committed to using fair trade products to politicians that are advocating for laws that restrict the movements of goods that are associated with child labour and conflict.
This is a global movement and we’d like to see Canadians take a leadership role! Right now there are 5 schools in Canada designated and none in Toronto! Why not be the first? FTT can support you in this movement and help amplify your voice across Toronto. Fair trade isn’t a sticker, it’s a stance on consumerism!