We are Recruiting!

If you are interested in volunteering in an executive capacity please email your resume to: madison.hopper@fairtradetoronto.ca

The Fair Trade Toronto team is looking for executive volunteers in the following capacities:

Events and Outreach

This person will be responsible for all activities related to events and outreach

  • Arrange for tabling opportunities at appropriate events
  • Planning engaging activities to develop public awareness around fair trade in Toronto and the GTA
  • Work with Toronto’s fair trade licensees to help raise awareness about their products during fair trade pop up shops at retail locations
  • Manage, schedule and engage a team of volunteers to attend public outreach events

Compliance Officer

The primary function of this position is to ensure that Toronto is in compliance with the fair trade towns status

  • Become familiar with the fair trade campaigns programs and their requirements
  • Liaise with local government champions to ensure compliance of fair trade standards
  • Complete the annual fair trade designation report from the Canadian Fair Trade Network
  • Collect and document the number of fair trade products available in Toronto by district

Special Projects – Filled

The position will be designated to developing one specific strategic project that Fair Trade Toronto can operationalize over the year.

  • Identify opportune verticals of growth for fair trade in Toronto
  • Develop a program to action the growth
  • Collaborate with relevant stakeholders in Toronto

Education Officer

The function of this position is to respond to a growing demand for fair trade education

  • Develop curriculum and engaging presentations for a variety of audiences (schools, faith groups, workplaces, campuses, etc)
  • Manage and educate a roster of volunteers to present on various fair trade issues.

Casual Volunteer Opportunities

“If you are interested in volunteering in a more general capacity, either by supporting the above roles or through one-off volunteering, please email us at madison.hopper@fairtradetoronto.ca . We will add you to our roster of volunteers and get in touch as training and volunteer opportunities arise. Please let us know if you have a specific area of interest, or any exciting ideas to spread the word about fair trade in Toronto.